Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Time Machine by Steve Freeman

Card College 3 by Roberto Giobbi
page 588 et seq.

Personal Comment: You could say it is just another two card transposition, but it feels differently. Maybe due to the presentational frame of time travel. I like it, as it is very straight forward and very quick. I like quick effects. And the fact that you do not need a table makes the whole thing even more desirable to perform it.

Difficulty 2/5


  1. ita actually a roy walton trick

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I've never read the Walton trick, but I was under the assumption that Walton's incorporated more of a "righting" of the deck, similar to Sankey's back in time triumph effect, whereas the Freeman trick is mostly just a transposition with the time machine presentation.

  3. Walton's original is in the second volume of the Complete Walton.

    Someone on the Genii Forum says that the Freeman and the Walton effect are identical, so my mistake. I was under the impression it wasn't because Paul Cummins has a "back in time"-type trick that has a different plot, and he mentions Walton.