Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Rapid Reverse

Expert Card Technique: Close-Up Table Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue
Page 276 et seq.

Personal Comment: It is so easy to underestimate this trick. It is really good and has a few points that speak for it. First: one handed. This makes the result seem even more puzzling, as there is no "practical" way to accomplish this feat with just one hand. Second: behind the back. At first glance it seems like this is a trivial thing. Well it is not. If the magician is not looking how can he possible locate the selection? To a layperson this seems like a condition that matters. Third: simplicity of the plot. A selection turns around. You can be drunk and still understand the trick. You don't need to speak the performers language to understand what is going on. Put 1-2-3 together and you have a really nice trick.
I dare to say it is actually an overlooked classic.

Difficulty: 1/5

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