Sunday, 9 January 2011

Monarch's Quartette / Verwandlung by Roberto Giobbi

Grosse Kartenschule
Volume 2
Page 429 et seq.

Personal Comment: Monarch's Quartette by Larry Jennings. This is the version by Roberto Giobbi from the German edition of Card College. It is seemingly not part of the English version of the book. It is a nice routine that is fairly easy to do. I still have my doubts about the Jinx Switch but I tried it and it went unnoticed. "Verwandlung" is the German title and means "Change". The original version (Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic p.83 et seq.) has a slightly different handling, which a tad less practical but as bold as one could wish for.

Difficulty: 2/5


  1. This is very incorrect. No offense. :~)

  2. I take no offense. BUT... it is according to the book I own. Grosse Kartenschule Volume 2. It is German, so I understand the words. If it is done incorrectly that means it is written incorrectly.

  3. I should re-word.

    Weather it's Roberto etc....thats horrible.

    The whole "point" in the routine is not a quick switch.

    The point is there is a reasoning with the move. Here there is zero and the misdirection is nill.

    Horrible version then...whatever. I gotta say Roberto's "version" is criminal here. Blech