Thursday, 6 January 2011

Twisted Location by Phil Goldstein

M-U-M, Volume 66, Number 12 Mai 1988, Page 28 et seq.
Focus by Phil Goldstein, page 15

Personal Comment: Yet another take on the Touch Turn trick aka Twisting the Aces popularized by Dai Vernon. (Dai Vernon 's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic, page 5 by Lewis Ganson) and a good one I might add. Most version that somehow include a selection that is taken have the selection taken and remembered before the twisting takes place. That is quite a long time and chances are the spectator forgot his selection by that point in time. Not so in this version by Phil Goldstein. It is rather easy, if you are able to do the various counts and it is suprisingly deceptive given the simple structure in method.

Difficulty: 2/5

PS: If you are interested in packet tricks from a full deck, Focus is such a great book to start.

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  1. Choice Flesh is a beast from Focus. Love that routine.