Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ammendment by Aaron Ducker

Creator's Comment: I've always liked effects like this, effects where the magician seems to screw up and has to fix it, it's why I adore wild card routines, this is a very direct idea, and it uses a few handling of sleights I've personally developed.

Personal Comment: In terms of method it feels so familiar in a way. I could swear I have seen that trick before. I'm not sure. In terms of plot this isn't new at all. But we all know that plot and know how well it plays. But to achieve the effect we could use a whole bunch of methods without resorting to gimmicks. So this makes the routine only interesting from a technical point of view. Does the use of a DF really enhance the effect? Personally I think not, but who am I to decide this?

Difficulty: 2/5

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