Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Daily Card Trick needs your help!

Email address:

Here are the details: Make a video of you doing card magic. It needs to be published card magic. It can even be your own creations. Upload the video to a free fileserver like megaupload or yousendit. Then send me the link to the video and I will download it. Be sure to add a source and your personal comment to the email. Also make it very clear if you want your name attached to that.

I will upload the video to my YouTube account and set it to "unlisted".

I actually got one more video... coming up tomorrow, but then, that's it for a while.


  1. Too bad. At least you live in a civilized country where you do not need to worry about seeing a doctor versus paying the month's rent.

    I'm assuming that if we do submit "our own creations," they must at least be published.

    Can we just include the video as an attachment since Gmail allows up to 25mb?

  2. yeah I think you could... but knowing that most of my videos are about 130mb in size... i don't really know how a 25 mb video would still be quality... in terms of resolution.

  3. Dude! No! You've got one more month and then you've made it a year!

  4. Do Self-Working tricks! Karl Fulves has books, Simon Aronson has one of the greatest of all time, there's the Marlo-Gardner Poker deal, one amazing one in Corinda (email me and I'll tip you on it), stuff with certain forces, etc.