Friday, 7 October 2011

Imprint by Aaron Ducker

You don't need any source you basically know all the details if you have a little bit of background knowledge.

Personal Comment: What I really like about this, is that no DL is needed during the routine. Most often this would be the case. Hiding parts of the card during the showing is not a new thing. But combining that with gimmicky stuff might be a nice way to go. I am not so sure about this. But here is what I like: There is this gimmick out there and people like Mr. Ducker actually come up with ideas for that besides the ones that came with the gimmick. It's not a difficult routine... and I wouldn't call it a routine... but here is how it could be a full routine: Before this you would have a few effects, where pips travel from one card to another. Preferably not gimmicked (e.g. the Two of hearts loses a pip and becomes the Ace of Hearts, while the Five of Hearts becomes the Six of Hearts) that gives you a motivation to introduce the gimmick not make the routine "sleight of hand proof" then after the Six of Hearts is in the holder you take out the Ace of Spades and make the pip jump to the back of the Ace. That is pure magic. If the heart is actually printed on you have a nice giveaway. I also got a little bit of additional information by Mr. Ducker. He credits Simon Lovell because he used one little tip of Mr. Lovell. That little tip helps to know how to hold the Six of Hearts so the missing pip is not seen when it is not supposed to be seen.

Difficulty: 2/5

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