Monday, 10 October 2011

Neural Photography by Aaron Ducker

Creator's Comment: A fun little idea I had using the Ed Marlo Snap Change and a blank card. You could also accomplish this effect with other changes such as the Shape Shift Change and its variants! Anything visual, but I prefer the Marlo Snap Change because I think it makes more sense to this effect! Yet I know theres people out there who hate the Marlo Snap Change.

Personal Comment: Oh boy... this routine needs improvement. But that is the cool thing about such videos: It's the state of the trick at the time. I really would love to see the trick in about a year from now. I am sure this will be a lot better. About the Snap Change. It's good, if the angles are good. So naturally for a camera this is about the best change one can do. But in real life hardly any performing situation allows for that. And even then I would ditch the extra card on the deck as quickly as possible. The general idea is good, but here is what I would change in the structure. I wouldn't have the blank card in the deck. I would take it from somewhere else. It would make the handling a bit more knacky (TC and DT) but it would make a lot more sense.

Seriously I would like to see the routine in about a year from know. I bet it will have changed a lot by then.

Difficulty: 3/5

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