Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fingertip Sensitivity by Bob Hummer

Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi
Page 43 et seq.

Personal Comment: Tricky to pull of, but the method is genius. let me explain. Instructing a spectator to do what you say requires that the spectator is not willing to screw with you. It also requires that he doesn't mess up by mistake. Also... sticking with the structure given in the book, there is plenty of doubtful work done by the magician. You COULD take back the mixed packet from the spectator and switch it underneath the table for a stacked one. You don't do that, but you could. Therefore it is a bit weak I think. So this trick requires an unusual balance of trust on both sides. And this is where most magicians would fail. And those who don't are too far advanced in magic to still need this trick. So this is one of those tricks that is great for magicians, if you perform for magicians. And if you do, you better go ahead explaining it right away so the magic buddies can also get a kick out of the method.

Difficulty: Self Working

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